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Crime Scene Tape


Martina is a proud supporter of law enforcement and believes we need to fully fund our police department. As a Commissioner on the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE), she fully understands many of the challenges our men and women in blue face on a daily basis. Police are at the core of keeping our loved ones safe by taking criminals off the street. Martina will fight to ensure our police officers receive the resources they need. 

New Houses


Flooding mitigation and infrastructure needs to be a top priority for the City of Houston. With district E facing many issues due to the handling of Hurricane Harvey, prioritizing innovative solutions that will bring about real change is at the front of Martina’s agenda. Given that Houston is on the gulf coast, it’s not about if there will be another hurricane, it’s about when. Houston must be prepared for the next hurricane. We must remain proactive, and preparation needs to begin now to ensure we save lives, homes, schools, and jobs. 



Martina is committed to fiscal responsibility all while upholding transparency. There must be dedication to effective use of taxpayer dollars, starting with no deficit. Martina is innovative and committed to finding ways to eliminate frivolous spending. She will uphold transparency with her constituents about where their money is spent. Undertaking projects that are cost-effective and meaningful to the residents of Houston is her first priority. 

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