Crime Scene Tape


Harris County has quickly become a less safe place to live and raise a family. We need to restore common sense approaches to criminal justice that are fair but also keep our communities safe.

New Houses


Residents of Harris County voted for a $2.5 billion flood bond. Lina Hidalgo threw out the common-sense plan to help the communities that were flooded worst, and instead, used a social equity index to help her political favorites. We need to keep politics out of flood recovery and simply follow the data to identify areas of the county that need further work.



Harris County is the third largest county in the United States and continues to grow. To best manage our growth, we need a responsible county budget that focuses on people and not on party politics. The county budget and spending should ALWAYS be transparent. Data, not partisan games, should drive our decision-making on how we best allocate county resources for roads, parks, and other county projects.